Perl Mongers

208 international Perl User Groups.

General Questions

* What is Perl Mongers?

Perl Mongers is a loose association of international Perl User Groups. Individual groups vary a great deal in the details of what they actually do, but in most cases they are groups of Perl users in a particular location who get together periodically to discuss Perl and related topics.

Perl Mongers is also the name of the organisation that oversees and co-ordinates the local groups. It also provides internet services to these groups. Perl Mongers was originally set up as a not-for-profit organisation in the state of New York, but in July 2001 it joined with Yet Another Society.

* Is there a Perl Mongers group in my area?

The list of currently established groups is here

* How do I start a Perl Mongers group?

Simply find some Perl hackers in your area and ask them if they'd be interested in starting a group.

Experience shows that having a mailing list and a web site help to drum up interest in your new group. We're happy to host a mailing list for you.

The only other thing to do is to let us know about your new group so that we can add you to the list of established groups.

* What support exists for group leaders?

All group leaders are added to the group leaders mailing list. The #mongers channel on exists for leaders to discuss anything related to running a group.

Internet Services

* What Internet services can Perl Mongers provide?

See Group Hosting FAQ

* Why does it sometimes take awhile to get Perl Mongers services set up for my group?

Perl Mongers is an all volunteer organization, and almost all of our system administrators have very demanding commitments outside of Perl Mongers. We do things as quickly as is reasonable considering all of our other commitments. Additionally, there's nothing stopping you from operating your group while you are waiting for your Perl Mongers services.

* Perl Mongers logo

The camel used in association with the Perl language is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates. More information: [1] [2]

Perl Mongers groups can use the logo that appears on this page on their own web page as long as they include the following text somewhere (able to be clearly seen) on the page:

      "The use of the camel image in association with the Perl language is a trademark of O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Used with permission."

Use of the Perl Mongers logo in other media is evaluated on a case by case basis since Perl Mongers is legally liable for its misuse. Our license with O'Reilly & Associates requires us to report misuse of the Camel logo with the Perl Mongers name. Help us not get in trouble. You can only use the image as you find it. You cannot incorporate it into a larger logo or make it look like it is part of a larger graphic.

Or you may prefer Perl Foundation onions.