Perl Mongers

250 international Perl User Groups.

Big Questions

* What Services are Offered?

What Services are not offered?

  • Basic Web Hosting (via WebDAV)
  • Dynamic Web Hosting (CGI scripts, Template Toolkit, Mason, wikis)
  • Shell access (ssh)
  • FTP

Why don't you offer service X?

Probably for security or cost reasons.

Didn't you previously offer basic web hosting?

Yes, we did. We stopped offering it to new groups in 2014. It was a lot of upkeep for a relatively low benefit. While it made sense for us to offer this service in 1999, fifteen years later there are lots of good, free hosting options. We suggest GitHub Pages or Google Sites.

Who do I contact for help?

Open an Issue. Or send an email to support(at)pm(dot)org


We will happily provide you with either a DNS pointer to your own hosting or a HTTP 301 redirect.

Will you delegate NS for my group?

No, sorry. Recent security exploits have convinced us not to delegate DNS offsite.

Will you point MX records to my SMTP server?

We will only do this for established groups. After you've had a few meetings, send us your hostname(s) to which you would like MX to be directed. (MX records work on hostnames, not IP addresses.)

* Group Mailing Lists (Mailman)

If you like, we'll host a Mailman mailing list for your group. You'll administer your list via the web interface ( and/or by emailing commands to the Mailman server.

Also, as a group leader, you'll be added to a mailing list of your fellow administrators from around the world. It's a low-volume announcement-centric list.

You use Mailman on a Perl web site? Are you a secret Python programmer?

Mailman is better than Majordomo. Deal with it.

* Email Forwarding

Can you forward email sent to (e.g.:

Yes, if you explicitly ask for that.

Can you forward email sent to (e.g.:

No, we don't do this. It's proven to be too much maintenance. Sorry.

* How do I request a new group or to reactivate a group that has been inactive?

99% of the time your group name will be the name of the city in which your meetings will typically be held. So, since I live in Omaha my group name is

We will not create new groups with short names, please do not ask. Some groups (i.e. New York as are grandfathered in. Names should be descriptive and mean something to non-residents. For example: is best. would be ok too (as that's a common and well known nickname for the area.) If the nickname is not well known, expect pushback. would be rejected.


Fork our github repository XML file, and add your group's information. There are lots of examples in there for you to follow. Submit a github pull request with those changes and the answers to the these two questions:

(1) Where are you going to host your site's website?

Please provide one of the following:

  • URL to redirect to.
  • IP address of server hosting your group's website.
  • Hostname (for a CNAME record) of the server hosting your group.

(2) Do you want us to host a Mailman mailing list for you?

Indicate yes or no.

* What's that? And/or " boo!"

If you're not up to speed on github, or hate it, feel free to email all the information we'll need to support(at)pm(dot)org, and we'll do the github bits for you. Please be patient -- this option is more work for our volunteer admins, so it will likely take longer for them to respond to your request.

* How do I add social networking buttons to my group listing?

Fork our github repository XML file, and add your group's information. See for examples. Send us a pull request.

* How do I update my map location?

Fork our github repository XML file, and update your group's information.

* How do I remove post(s) from my MailMan archive? Public Forum Archive Policy

* Who pays for Perl Mongers services?

Our sponsors do!

Can I help?


Send money to the Perl Foundation or send us hard drives and stuff on our wishlist.

Buy things from our sponsors!

And put the following ad rotation HTML on your group website:

    <script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>

The output width is fixed at 180, but the height is variable. If you want to personalize the text message, you can add '?notext=1' to the src string. You can see the ad rotation in action at the bottom right corner of this page.

* Maintaining my groups website on the server (DEPRECATED)

DEPRECATED. This section only applies to groups who are grandfathered into the hosting. We no longer offer this service to new groups and will be phasing it out over time. See above for details.

How do I upload files?

Access is only supported through WebDAV.

Recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X have DAV clients built in. Many Linux desktop tools do as well.

For a simple UNIX command line client, try cadaver.

Where do I get a username/password?

Go to and sign up for a username. You must notify support(at)pm(dot)org so they can associate that username with your pm group.

What if I forget my password? tells you how to reset your password.

Where do I upload files?

You must use the 'real' name of your group, not one of its aliases. (i.e. philadelphia, not philly or phl)

What is my group website?

WebDAV on Mac OS X

Download and trust the Develooper Root certificate.

Finder -> Go -> Connect to Server. Server address:

That's it. You now have access to our server via WebDAV just like any other network drive.

WebDAV on Windows

Download and trust the Develooper Root certificate.

Start -> My Network Places -> Add a Network, plug in your group web access URL:
and it creates a directory where you can just copy/paste files.

How do I use cadaver?

Cadaver works just like most command line FTP clients.

    $ cadaver
    Authentication required for on server `':
    Username: yourusername
    Password: yourpassword

Important commands: get put ls

Why can't I use an FTP client?

Because DAV integrates better with our Authentication and Access Control system. Also, DAV runs over SSL (https) so passwords (and data) are encrypted in transit.

Is there a quota?

There is no hard limit, but we are monitoring disk usage carefully. If a group uses an inappropriate amount of disk space, they will be removed from the server.

What can I upload?

Things related to your Perl Monger group.

* Why don't you have a real SSL certificate?

Because we're cheapskates.

Download and trust the Develooper Root certificate.